Tune of the Day: Beat Pharmacy – Velocity

South African (pronounced “sithifricin”) Brendon Moeller, AKA Echologist, AKA Beat Pharmacy has been producing tracks of high quality since ’94. They’re described as having “Dub, techno, jazz, afrobeat and psychedelic” influences and I think this deep, whirling track exemplifies this excellently. Superbly put together Deep House, the rest of the album is well worth scoping out as are the rest of his tunes.

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Tune of the Day: X-101 – Sonic Destroyer

Early 90’s Tresor release, Straight up Jesus Christ Techno banger. Perfect Valentines day tune in my opinion.

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Tune of the Day: Eat’s Everything – Entrance Song


Britain’s Dan Pearce aka Eats Everything killing it with this soulful 808 embracing banger off Pets Recordings. The ethereal looped vocal and smooth pads sit perfectly with the contrasting  slumping clean bass and chord stabs. Umph.

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Tune of the Day: X-District – Color Correction

Those Synth lines, oof, fantastic.

Tune of the Day: Floating Points – Sais


Its only Tuesday and I’m already shaking in my boots anticipating three hours of Floating Points at the Pepper this Friday. Also know as Sam Shepherd, the 27 year old PHD Student has banged out many releases we’ve celebrated here, in particular the Vacuum Boogie EP. Coming this November 21st is his next release on his own Eglo Records which is set to be one to top the already incredible pile of tunes he’s created.
This is the closing tune of said record, the 5 track Shadows EP. The video was made by Floater’s Friend Will Hurt

Tune of the Day: Grovskopa – Balamber

Techno Tuesday  with this dark four to the floor stomper, cyclic rythms tied over with radio frequency-esque vocal samples and some slight cerebral melody make for a thundering yet interesting track.

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Tune of the Day: Zapp & Roger – Computer Love

Eighties Synthy Funk Banger with Vocals from Shirley Murdock and Charlie Wilson of The Gap Band, Beat the Monday Blues with this one, no problem.

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